Recommended speed for mobile testing

I noticed there are various options for mobile connection speeds including 2G and 3G. However, I didn’t see anything for 4G. Is there one listed?

Also, are there any recommendations for which would be the speed to test at to account for the widest # users?

I guess I am not sure which might be the best setting to use? I had been using the 3G 150 latency, but then began to wonder if I should instead use a different setting. Would appreciate anyone’s thoughts. I couldn’t find any stats except this from Google:

There aren’t really good stats and mobile networks vary WILDLY. I usually do most mobile testing with one of the 3G variants (regular or fast). If you want to use a different connection profile you’ll need to use the custom setting and put in your own bandwidth/latency numbers.

Thanks…it sounds like I am on the right track