How do I find my users' connection speed?

Connection speed configuration has a big effect on webpagetest results.

Where can I find the best connection speed numbers to simulate my users? Google Analytics used to provide this info, but ditched it when they added Real User Monitoring.

If there’s nothing easy/comparable to the old GA, does anyone maintain a table of typical connection speeds per country?

This may help:

It becomes a bit of trial and error to get it set up right but there aren’t good sources of bandwidth and latency numbers (and it varies quite widely from site to site).


Really helpful - thanks for precogniting such an insightful article.

Next steps as I dig deeper into the problem:

  • is there any pattern to filtering out “bad” RUM results from GA? Can I cut off data over say 10 secs as being due to unrelated issues?
  • does choosing a synthetic speed target between 55% and 70% of the log normal come from gut or stats?
  • how important is nailing the target (vs. just multiplying by an appropriate factor)?
  • how important is nailing the factor with one profile (vs blend of multiple connection speeds)?

I’m not looking to overcomplicate the process - I want to use as many shortcuts as possible, but also understand the cost to accuracy.