Repeat test

The registered user features outlined in the Welcome topic look great. Another thing that would be useful would be to have a button to “Repeat this test” that would submit a new test using the same options as the original test and/or a way to prefill the form with the same options if you want to tweak an option first.

You’d want this as a form button or as a link for only registered users since I can just see GoogleBot coming along and setting fire to the servers by repeating every test ever performed.

Thanks. That actually shouldn’t be too hard to do (I like the option of pre-filling and letting you review it first though instead of blindly kicking off the test).

It should be doable in most of the cases with the exception of the authenticated tests because I don’t store the passwords. I’ll see if I can queue it up next time I’m in that part of the code.

Yes, that would be nice. I resubmit all the time - to try and ensure a primed CDN cache.

I haven’t done any permutation investigation, but clicking ‘Back’ and then resubmitting often (always?) results in a Dulles test being requested irrespective of location from original test and even though the original radio button is still selected on the UI.

It’s so trivial I haven’t bothered trying to track it down and I certainly would not have thought it worth bothering Pat about. But a ‘resubmit’ option is exactly the scenario in which this feature manifests and, like most end users, I hadn’t realised what I really wanted until someone suggested it.

I like the resubmit button, it’d be nice UX touch - but for me it would have to be only as long as it opened a new tab.



Try flushing your cookies and see if that helps. I had a bug a few months ago where the test location was being saved in a cookie and overwriting the UI location (9but I thought I fixed it on the back-end transparently).

What browser are you using? I’ll try and reproduce it (I’m usually on Firefox 3.6).



Hey there,

I do like this idea of “Repeat Test”.

You probably do want it to send the form data to the test form before running the tests. Otherwise you might get a lot of crawlers starting the tests instead of users. At the very least it should probably go through some captcha form.

Travis Walters

+1 for rerun :slight_smile: