Repeat View: Test Data Missing

Hello there,

First of all thank you for this awesome and useful tool. It helps us a lot in figuring out performance.

However for last few test that we conducted, we are getting message of missing test data in repeat view. It is scripted test.

Here is the link:

We have conducted same test in past and it worked fine.

Can you please guide us?

My guess is that you are still logged in so the script in the repeat view is failing since the login form doesn’t exist. There are generally 2 ways to solve it:

1 - At the end of the script do a logout so that you have to log in for the repeat view too
2 - Use a conditional block (if/endif) and only do the login for first view runs

I also require the same feature and using script below. I wanted to launch yahoo in first view and google in repeat view but it’s not working. Please review and advise.

if cached 0

The newer agents haven’t implemented the if/else/endif support. If you file an issue here I can take a look when I get some spare cycles:


Reported issue above.