Report.txt, details page

For the details page, im trying to understand how it gets the information. Does it come directly from the report.txt.gz file inside the result folder for that test or is is being collected from a HAR/json file. I want to try to do virtually the same thing but extract only the information that I need rather than all of it.

It comes from both the *_IEWTR.txt.gz file (has all of the request timings in a tab-delimited file) and report.txt.gz for the raw headers.

If you want to re-use code, in the php code will load and parse the data for you.

Where does the $testPath variable get initialized. Im trying to use the loadallpagedata methods but cannot find the appropriate test path, thanks! - There is a helper function GetTestPath() that will translate a test ID into a relative path but it also sets it based on the test ID for the current test if one is set.