request in Waterfall View that should not exist

I have a question concerning this test:

I have noticed the requests in line 14 and 16 (a 301 redirect) in the Waterfall … which should not be there as there.

There is no request of the folder in the source code (which, in case there would be one, would be redirected with a 301 to )

What could be the reason for this redirect in the test?
I can’t find an error on our page …

Hmm, I tried both IE 9 and Chrome which provide some information about what triggered the request (initiator) but it only appears to happen in IE 8 :frowning:

Hm, thank you Pat. Thats a good hint … maybe it’s simply a browser version issue.
In the IE9 test there is no such request …

It’s possible that it’s malware targeting certain browsers?

Chris, there is no malware on our servers.

I have just noticed that in Safari this request exist as well (line 17):

Really strange … what could that be?

Possibly an empty img src somewhere on the page?