Requests limit

i have question about the service. Is there any requests daily/hourly/(whatever) limit?

Do you plan to change this limit in the next months/years?

I need 2500 speed test requests a day.

For that level of testing you would need to set up a private instance:

The public instance is mostly for manual testing. I allow API access for much lower levels (an order of magnitude lower) for spot checks or for building out a proof-of-concept before deploying a private instance.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I am a Java developer and I work on a Linux server but I see your guide revers to EC2 and Windows and it also looks complex to set up.

I’m developing a service that’s extremely easy: I only need to know how many milliseconds a website takes to load (1 check an hour). Do you have any suggestions to do this? (other services or solutions)

Thank you for your precious advice.

If you want to do real browser testing then you need something that is going to run those browsers (which is where either the EC2 AMI’s or Windows Agents come into play).

If you don’t need that level of fidelity you can use something like phantomjs and just script it.

Otherwise there are also a bunch of commercial services that do monitoring with real browsers: (not 100% sure if they use real browsers at this point)
(and I’m sure I missed a bunch of them)