Hey Guys,

Just discovered this programs and it’s looks pretty awesome. I’d like to deploy it in our DMZ for our devs to test against. But before I do that I have a few questions I am hoping I can get answers too.

All the page rendering snap shots, how much space do they take? I am trying to determine roughly the size of the HDD I’ll need.

Do the snapshots self delete after time or would I need tro script that?

What general specs would you recommend for the hardware? I was thinking a single proc, 1.5gigs of ram and a 30gig HDD space with Windows 2008 x32 hosting everything.

For the screen shots, are you looking for with or without video? With video, a single page load can be 1MB+ (depending on how active the UI is). Without video you’re looking at ~150KB. I’ll be doing a release in a few days that will reduce those to ~250KB/~100KB or so (and will improve the performance of the thumbnail drawing).

There isn’t any self-deleting currently though all of the tests are organized on disk by year/month/day so it’s a pretty trivial effort to script.

Your specs will be fine for a combined server/tester but that 30Gig HDD is going to be pretty tight, particularly given that the OS has to fit in there as well. You can get by with it but only if you don’t want to keep the test data around for long.

That sums it up well! Thank you so much for the quick reply.