response bodies not included despite bodies=1 in the api call

I have written an automated test that triggers runtest.php and downloads the results once they are available. I include “bodies=1” in the call because I would like to have css, html and js included.

The url that is called to trigger the test is<more variables>

In the resulting HAR file the response bodies are not included. Is there anything else besides unsing bodies=1 in the runtest.php call that I need to do to get the response bodies in the HAR file.

No, that should be all. Do you have a test with bodies=1 that you could link to? What browser are you using?

I just ran a test in Chrome with and without response bodies, and downloaded the corresponding HAR files. In the test with bodies=1 I’m able to successfully get the responses addressed at this object structure: har.log.entries[1].response.content.text. In the test that did not enable it, this returns undefined.

I’m seeing a similar issue.

In chrome, if I select “Save response bodies” in the advanced tab, I am not seeing response bodies for secure requests. Is there something you need to do for specifically for secure requests?

Bodies aren’t currently available in Chrome for HTTPS requests which is my guess at what you’re seeing. Should be working in the next couple of weeks.

Github Issue for it: