Response bodies not available for secure sites in Chrome

Having recently updated a private WPT instance from wptdriver version 357 to 402 (from release WebPageTest 17.12), it seems we no longer get response bodies (with “Save response bodies” checked) from Chrome for HTTPS sites.

We still get response bodies in Firefox with secure sites and also in Chrome with non secure sites.

This used to work in Chrome 56 with wptdriver version 357 before the update, but no longer works in either Chrome 63 or Chrome 66, with wptdriver 402.

I know that wptdriver is being superseded by the wptagent (Python) version, but is this an intentional change, or possibly an artefact of something that’s changed in Chrome?

Where might we need to look in wptdriver if we were going to fix this and submit a pull request?


It is an artifact of the TLS hooking no longer working with wptdriver and fixing it is both complicated and only a short-term patch until wptdriver won’t be able to load into Chrome at all (in 68 I believe) at which point nothing will work for Chrome, not just bodies.

wptagent is really the only solution.

Thanks for the info and prompt reply Pat.