The latest version (54.0.2840.71) Chrome doesn't work for HTTPS request

Recently, I found the Chrome doesn’t work for HTTPS requests any more on my private instance. And I checked there’s a new version released (54.0.2840.71) for Chrome. I tried reverting back to version 53 and it works. So there should be something wrong with the latest version. Please help check.

What version of the agent are you running? You probably need to update wptdriver:

Thanks. After updating to the latest version, it’s working.

BTW, is there any way to subscribe the updates so I can always get the the latest version?

In addition, once I update the agent, the Firefox template file (agent/templates/Firefox/prefs.js) is overwritten. I have to manually update it (add proxy settings) again after updates for all agents. Any better suggestion?

There is an “agentUpdate” setting in settings.ini that you can set that will automatically check for (and install) updates hourly:

If you have a custom prefs then you will either need to update the package ( has the templates folder) or all tests would need to use a script that set the prefs explicitly.

If you want to open a github issue I can see about adding support for server-specified firefox prefs that get added to every test automatically.