problems with Chrome 16 / FF 3.6


I am using version 2.5 of wpt.

I’ve problems running tests with Chrome 16 / FF 3.6 on Windows XP-Agents in a LAN (wpt-server on another machine in same LAN). I’ve installed the agent-patch from Cause I wasn’t sure whether automatic update worked I installed the patch manually. Both Browsers open, try to load the URL to test after some seconds but fail and run into timeout. Opening the browsers manually I can load the URL.

Tests run with urlblast-controlled IE 7/8 work on same agents.

Any suggestions/ideas?
Regards, Nils

Check to make sure you don’t have any files in work/update on your server. The distributions usually include the agent update there and the auto-update may be reverting your agents to the version that shipped with 2.5.



The problem was due to http-proxy configured on agent-machine. I removed the chrome-option “–no-proxy-server” from chrome-section of wptdriver.ini. Now tests with chrome are working.

For FF these settings seem to be managed through profiles. In default-profile the proxy-settings are correct and manually opened I can use the proxy-settings and reach any url’s. Which profile is used for wpt-testruns with FF? And how can I configure a http-proxy or just to use the system-proxy-settings for that profile?

Regards, Nils

WPT isn’t generally meant to test through proxies (they completely change how browsers work and fetch resources). You can look at templates/Firefox/prefs.js and compare that one to the one in your default Firefox profile. Any settings you add/change there will get used by the WPT firefox profile.