HTTPS issues with new WPT and old Firefox

I had a private instance that was running 2.9 and Firefox 16.

When I was updating the private instance to 2.12 I noticed that Firefox didn’t work as expected with https websites anymore. I checked other versions of wpt and noticed that it started in wpt 2.11. Any ideas? When I run a https test there are screen shots but no information at all for a waterfall.

Most likely will update everything but wanting to further investigate… Starting from WPT 2.11 https sites stopped working for FF16.

Going from there, FF22 and FF23 both work in WPT 2.11 with https sites.

With WPT 2.12, only FF23 works. FF22 doesn’t seem to work.

These were all tested with Should we be having FF auto-updating to latest to insure alls well in WPT tests?

It’s probably best to keep Firefox up to date since that is how the browser behaves for users. The wptdriver agent should auto-update firefox if you have the installer config in the ini pointing to the webpagetest browser file. If you do you may have to keep up on agent updates as well though. Usually it just works but every now and then there is a browser release that breaks the agent. I won’t push the new browser until an agent fix is available but if you’re automatically updating the browsers but not the agents it could break your testing.

Yea… seems more often than not, not keeping things up to date would cause issues. I’ve just gone ahead and updated the agents/browsers in my private instance.

By the way, it doesn’t seem like firefox shows all the requests made through https in the waterfall. Could it be that not everything is being captured? For for instance there’s quite a difference between the number of items on the waterfall compared to a chrome test:


SPDY decoding hasn’t been implemented yet so if a site (like Google) supports SPDY, most of those requests will be invisible in Firefox (Chrome https data is coming from the browser directly).

Cool. Pretty new to this part of the field so I had no idea. Thanks!