S3 Archiving and running out of inodes

So, few months down the line and my instance is running out of inodes again (see http://www.webpagetest.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=13204).

All my tests are archived to S3, so the obvious thing to do is to on a regular basis delete old tests which can then be retrieved from S3.

However, I’m unclear as to how to delete tests, but still have them appear in the Test History - that is, remove the test data (which can be fetched from S3) to free up space/inodes, but keep the “index” to the test on the server.

Anyone the right set of files etc. to remove to do this?

You just need to schedule cli/archive.php to run in cron (I’ve been meaning to add it to the internal automated tasks but haven’t yet).

It will go through the test results and delete any older than the configured archive period that are confirmed to have archived successfully.

The test history is just pulled from the logs directory and is independent of the actual test result files in results/*

The other thing you could do is go into results/YY/MM and just nuke entire directories for years/months if you’d prefer to do it manually.