saving results

Good morning all. I have just run the test speed for my website and I would like to save my results so that I can compare them to the next test when I try to improve my website. how do you save these results? Thanks

If you create an account on the site and stay logged in then it will automatically save each of your test results.

Thanks for the update. I really like all the information. Just need to learn how to read it and how it can help my website become better. Thanks

FWIW, you can also just bookmark or save the URL. Logging in only helps you find the result later since it’s in your history but all of the results are kept and are permanent with the URL you get back.

As far as understanding the results, post a link to the test results in the “Discuss Results” forum and I’m sure you’ll get a bunch of feedback.

How to save results locally and email them to developer for further review?

Just email the result URL to the developer. The results are permanent and will be available at the URL forever (barring any disasters). There is no “offline” version of the reports.