Score 94 Speed 4.6 secs

My WebpageSpeedTest is -

The overall score is 94

But My Time to Load page is 4.6 secs!

I have been trying very hard to bring it down below 2 secs.

Any suggestion , what optimization I am missing ?

Page Speed Scores are not directly correlated to the actual load times (yeah, pretty unintuitive). You have an awful lot of content (yours and 3rd-party) to get things under 2 seconds.

You are at 0.5 seconds just getting the base html back so that only leaves you 1.5 seconds to work with (you might be able to shave 0.1 sec or so but there’s not a lot of room there).

Loading your custom font and css from google over https puts about a second on your critical path. Moving those to http or protocol-relative urls will cut that in half (not using custom fonts at all will make it even faster)

To get under 2 seconds for the core page content you will probably have to move all of your javascript to load after onload. You can get the same user experience by moving it all to the bottom of the page but the technical measurement won’t improve.

Same goes for the social buttons. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1 - you would have to inject them after onload if you really want to get under 2 seconds. For those you’re better off just making sure they are loading asynchronously and looking at the user experience instead of the technical “load time”.

You have too many separate css and javascript files. For anything that comes before the page content (in the head), try to reduce it to not more than 2-3.