Screenshot Issue - Shows Desktop


Can anyone help, I’m running Server 2012 agents out of EC2 and I’m having issues with screenshots, sometimes they work and other times the screenshot will be the desktop, not the website.

I’ve rebooted instances and ensure I’m not connected via RDP, in addition, i’ve installed desktop experience. Sometimes the screenshots work fine and then sometimes they dont.


What version of the test agent software do you have on your server in work/update? First step would be to grab the latest just to make sure it isn’t something that has since been fixed:


I’m having same issues, on windows 2012 r2 private instance., with the latest agent.

Help me please !

Make sure you have the desktop experience mode installed in your server. Someone else recently had the same issue and that was the root cause.


Thanks for your answer, I’ve isntalled Desktop Experience a few minutes ago and rebooted the server.
Everything worked fine for a few minutes but now, once again, the screenshots show my desktop :frowning:

Any idea ?


Just wanted to say you’re not alone. Something is causing it to capture the desktop on my 2012 R2 as well. There are two times it will actually do a proper capture:

  1. When I first reboot the first run will definitely get a proper screen capture. But as you say, a few minutes later I’m back to seeing the desktop.
  2. When I log into the machine and actually watch it run.

The combination of the two make it hard to track down because I can log in, see it work, reboot the machine, still works, think it’s all good and then a short while later I’m back to looking at desktop icons.

exactly !

Hope Patrick will answer soon with a magic solution !


I also had this problem with Win2012R2 (servers in a cloud environment):

  • Reboots: works
  • Wait for a while (about 15-30 minutes): pretty desktop picture
  • Connect with VNC: works

My conclusion of this is that there is some screen saver issues going on here (even though everything is turned off).

My solution, which seems to be working: install MouseJiggler and make sure it’s started on logon. No more problems.

The servers has been up and running for a few hours now without any problems and working screen shots all the way.