IE not showing up in video

My server is setup on Azure cloud using Windows Server 2012 in Test Mode. I can run tests while logging into the Test VM fine, however IE does not show up in the screenshots if I run tests while not logged in.

I still get all timing metrics (sans-SpeedIndex). Attached a screenshot showing the effect.

-By default, Azure puts IE in software rendering mode. Turning on hardware acceleration fixed the issue.-

Strike that, this only temporarily fixed it. I’m still seeing the desktop instead of the browser.

I’m now seeing this in all browsers. If I log in to the box and run the test, the browser comes to the foreground properly.

When you disconnect from the box do you reboot it? Just disconnecting a RDP session locks the desktop and makes screen capture impossible so every time you go to disconnect you actually need to reboot.

Yeah, this is after reboot. Windows Server 2008 is fine, so I imagine this has something to do with Metro.

My servers are configured to boot directly to Desktop and bypass Metro.

I assume that means you have the desktop experience stuff installed. That’s really bizarre. I have some 2012 servers that I set up that are working so I have no idea what is going on.