Scripting instructions page


In the scripting instructions page:
It is stated that “The hosted version of pagetest supports executing uploaded scripts. The scripting capabilities are a subset of the full capabilities offered by pagetest (full docs on the language here).”
And “here” is:
This second link is redirecting me to the same page.
#1 - Which is wrong? The redirection or the information that the full documentation are in another URL?

The scripting tutorial page mentions the “hosted scripts” limitations.
#2 - Limitations versus what other option? What other options are there? What does it mean to be a “hosted script”?

Sorry, it used to be on a separate page but that didn’t make much sense. The vast majority of the commands work, just the few that are called out that deal with things like attachments and external files do not.

Before WebPagetest, pagetest was a browser plugin that could be automated on it’s own and it supported more complicated scripting that measured multiple steps independently and let you upload/download files and load variables from external files. Since there’s only 1 user that I’m aware of that uses it in that mode I’ll probably just remove those commands from the docs completely.