Seeing login in screenshot results

Hey, so I just ran my second test using the service.

In the results screenshots and video, I’m seeing a ‘please login’ prompt for something called below). I don’t see this on my actual site when visiting etc.

Link to image

I’ve done some Googling and it looks like this may be malware?

Is this something to do with the test I ran, or is there actually something of concern on my site?

Test ran:
Dulles, VA - Nexus 5 - Chrome - 3G

Any idea what this is, seems like it’s the testing device itself?


Hi Stephen,

I also saw this already in 2018, but it probably was removed. Now I see this again. I fear the browsers used on WPT are infected.

I use the same Browser:
From: Dulles, VA - Galaxy S5 - Chrome - 3GFast


Those are different devices - do you have a link to some sample test results so I can take a look? It’s entirely possible that UC browser or Opera installed some android-wide crapware with a recent update (UC in particular is pretty bad about doing it).