Site that took 22+ seconds to load gets AAAAF scores?

I am testing a page that took 22+ seconds to load in the most recent test, but got an “A” in everything but “cache static content”

Looking at the graph approx 18 seconds passed before it indicates the body attempted to be loaded. Which only took 142 ms.

I am a bit puzzled by the results.

The site is

The page loads slow every time I have gone there, that is why I tested it. But I cannot discern any cause via webpagetest.


So I see an entry that for some reason doesnt appear on your waterfall. - counter.js
which takes a very long time to download. This is most likely blocking.[attachment=775]

Thanks for the reply.

I am not able to find the reference in the output at which I am looking. How did you get the output containing it in the screenshot you included?

Thanks shows one problem is the site is completely down.

If you navigate to any link listed in google for a site search, all links hang forever.

So your first step is to remove this link from your site, as it only ties up a connection for no good reason.

Rest of your site looks good.

Except the oddity of the site icon serving once as successful + once as a 404.