Slight problem with WebPageTest jpeg image reporting

I’ve been noticing this recently. Thought it was just people using some tool to generated or compress jpeg images that was somehow generating broken jpegs.

After looking deeply at two people’s sites today, it appears WebPageTest is having problems with correctly processing jpeg files. is an example.

Notice “Compress Images” shows N/A + clicking on this really does say N/A for both compression + progressive for all jpeg images.

This appears incorrect, as there are many jpeg images on this person’s site + looking at them with ImageMagick - identify -verbose - seems to indicate image structure is correct.

Unsure if this is the correct place to report this.

If not, let me know the correct place.


It’s an issue with Chrome HTTPS content. The WebPageTest agents don’t have access to the body of HTTPS requests in Chrome (yet) so the JPEG decode and text compression tests can’t be run (hence the N/A).

The github issue tracker is the best place to report and track issues. There’s an existing one for not having access to bodies for HTTPS requests on Chrome:

Ah… Got it.