Slow FBT Help?

I am open to any all suggestions on how to get our FBT better.
We just updated this site to all new HTML 5 responsive.
Our FBT is 1273 ms.
Test results are here:
Thank you.

If you’re on a VPS / dedicated server, then it looks like your infrastructure could do with tuning. I’d also suggest that you enable SPDY… as you’re running nginx, it’s almost zero effort ( here’s one I’ve just started tuning… see the difference in the shape of the waterfall! ).

From what I remember, this is hugely better than before - brilliant!

I can take a look if you wish?

Edit: are you load balancing? The more kit you put between yourselves and the net, the slower it will be, and the more complex the infrastructure. I wouldn’t think that this site, using cloudfront as it does, would need more than a single node.

THank you… I will look at those points.