SPDY or not?

I’ve just been trying SPDY out on this eCommerce site I’ve inherited.

Infrastructure is Nginx 1.5.13 / SPDY 3.1 ( / php 5.3 / Percona 5.6 ) on a CentOS 6 VPS. The results are quite interesting…



Any comments? I don’t really know how to tune for SPDY, but suggestions gratefully received.

The big question… which one is better??? I’m thinking of sticking with SPDY as google like it :wink:

You probably need to test across a wider range of pages and more test runs before you can really understand the actual performance difference.

That said I’d focus on speeding up the start render time by replacing Cufon fonts, sliming down the JS in the head etc.

SPDY is better. That is obvious )))

It looks like all of your resources are served from a single domain. Enabling SPDY for HTTPS traffic will just about always be a win in this case even without changing the content itself. If most of your traffic comes from SPDY-capable browsers and you serve all of your traffic over HTTPS then you can do things to make it better (stop using image sprites, don’t combine resources, etc) but even with no other changes it should be a net win.