Slow page load times all over the place, losing sales when it happens, please help!

I have no idea what is going on with my site. I have had major page load time issues for a long time now and 3dcart is not helping me at all. Willing to do anything, pay anyone, etc… to help me figure this out. Site performs perfect one day and next day, sales and dropped carts are just gone, like that. Happens all the time. When I look in Analytics, many different product pages from many different browsers have very slow page load times. Traffic is always consistant despite all of this, I think I lose people when they can’t load a page after they are already on the site. Please help???

Quick fixes you can do for your site.

  1. compress + progressify this image…

  2. create an empty favicon.ico file to fix the 404 for this file.

After this, best efforts are to compress + progressify all images.

All in all, your site is working far better than most.

You can PM me if you require additional assistance.
This image has an added feature of already being very fuzzy + pixelated, so you can crush it aggressively.

convert dog-harnesses-collars-leashes_P1120542.jpg -strip -interlace Plane -gaussian-blur 0.05 -quality 10% dog-harnesses-collars-leashes_P1120542.crushed.jpg

Gave me a 90% file size reduction, with acceptable (to me) quality.
By “progressifying” all your jpegs, this allows a low quality image to serve over the line first, then eventually (based on when browser threads become available), the final high quality image is served.

This makes heavy weight jpeg images very fast to serve.

I’ve left some comments on your other thread (

Yes, progressifying jpeg images sends a low quality image, or rather part of the final image, then after page load, sends the rest of the image data.

thanks all comment head, i was processing all page, but speed my web only improved about 4%, ,
my site:
what are else method to improved speed site?
Thanks all

I see a couple issues in your test.

  1. Your Time to First Byte is quite high. You may want to look at what’s going on with your web host. You’re running Wordpress, so you should check your plugins and theme to make sure that none of them are slowing things down.

  2. You’re not taking full advantage of browser caching. You may want to consider adding the W3 Total Cache plugin since you’re using Wordpress, and see how that helps.

  3. Looks like you may have some ecommerce properties of some sort (Yesup Ecommerce Solutions - IP: that are taking over a 12 seconds to connect (about half your load time). You may want to check that there are not (or were not at the time of your test) any issues with that service.

Hope that helps.

beyondstop , Thanks very much, your comment helpful with me, i try improvement my site.
beyondstop , Thanks very much, your comment helpful with me, i try improvement my site.