Slow processing on Mobile Devices loaction (Nexus 7, iPhone 5C)

We are trying to execute some tests on Nexus 7 since yesterday without success.
Our yesterday’s attempts to execute tests on Nexus 7 ended up with the result:
“The test completed but there were no successful results.” displaying “Test Data Missing” in both First view and Repeat View.

This night we’ve placed several tests in the queue 5 hours ago. At that time the status was “Waiting behind 56 other tests”. At the moment our first queued test shows “Waiting behind 30 other tests”.

Starting page indicates 14 pending tests for “Nexus 7 - Chrome” and 60 pending tests for iPhone 5c.

There were some spammers flooding the system with tests to try to generate fake link clicks/ad impressions. I think they’re under control for now but it tends to be a game of whack-a-mole until they give up and go away.

The iPhone 5C is a separate problem though and will probably be backed up for a while. There’s only a single device right now (OSX issues) and it was just launched so it’s pretty popular. Looks like the queue is ~34 tests right now and each one can take several minutes (shouldn’t take 5 hours though unless something gets wedged).

I am also getting this error for the Iphone 6. It is s hit or miss if i actually get any test results. And it is June 2017. I get high response times of 9 to 18 seconds - here is a link to one that had results and it took 2 tries and 2 days to get the results.