speed up WP site

low landing speed of my WordPress website, what should be done to accelerate Site slightly lower,

website: tez hazırlama

Hi tezmerkezi,

We can definitely help your WordPress site be as performant as possible. For more information, feel free to PM me here or contact Support at Support@WpFASTER.org. Prior to that, however, please visit WpFASTER.org to review what we do and how we can assist.

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Start with the basics, like install a caching plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/ is a good option.

Depending on how it’s currently set up, there are a number of things you can do. Probably the easiest is to install a cacher - W3 total cache for example. After that, it gets more expensive, tuning and possibly upgrading the platform ( assuming you’re not on shared hosting… if you are, then there’s nothing more you can do ), certainly tuning the relevant parts of the infrastructure: database, web server, php will all help.

in my opinion w3 -total cache is the fluid of caching plugins in wordpress but we cant say its the best because variances on hosting and server configurations. super-cache requires a little bit of learning curve in terms of installation but based on tests a lot of wordpress multisites supercache outruns w3total cache. quickcache and hypercache are also good alternatives but your worried about landing time… Try out the falcon engine which wordfence security plugin offers.

its the only caching system in the in wordpress repository that handles apache’s stat() for htaccess in the best possible way