Start measuring after first byte is received

When i run tests on sites which have crappy backends, the base request takes a long time and is very inconsistent.

I know this base page timing is the most important factor, but id like to ignore that part when doing comparisons of other onpage factors involved.

Id like a way, where webpagetest would start its timer after the base page starts loading. i.e. ignore the brown and green part of for the first request.

It’s not necessarily the easiest way to do it but what you’re talking about is the same as just subtracting the first byte time from the other times. If you can think of a good way to present it in the UI without confusing people I can see about adding it.

yeah, for the waterfall charts its not an issue as I can mentally see the difference, but It would be a nice-to-have feature for the video comparisons…
Perhaps a checkbox above the generate video button? or some scripting command…