static files cache.

Why bg06.jpg and bg07.jpg were processed in second view?

Also How I can enable cookies since from what I can see in performance review all are not sent (using nginx).

ok, that one has me stumped. The headers all look reasonable (though the super far futures may be problematic - usually 1 year is a safe uper limit). The only thing that stands out is that bg06 and bg07 are the 2 largest images on the page. Still easily small enough to cache but it seems a little strange that both are exactly 64kb - any chance the files or something with them being delivered is corrupt?

Not sure what you are referring to on the cookies. It looks like the PHPSESSID cookie is being set and then sent.

They are not both 64kb
93.1 KB
76.8 KB

ok fixed it client_header_timeout was set to 1.

But Pat has a point:
In the details you see for example
Bytes In (downloaded): 64.3 KB

But the HTTP Header states:
Content-Length: 95002

That somehow doesn’t seem to fit together…

I assume the client_header_timeout was forcing the connections closed before the content finished being delivered - hence the 64kb of data.