Strange test result

when I’m typing my domain name like this : or the result of test is strange, the screen shot of my web site page is blank and I see some error message on it that I’m unable to read.

Here is the test result :

But if I’m typing my domain name with something after the “/” like this : everything working well.

Can you please explain me what happens ? Is it my .htaccess file bad configuration ?


I ran a test for the site and it looks like it came out ok -

Did you entered the url exactly as I indicated, nothing after “/” ? Like this :

The one I ran - - was for - which redirects to ( as shown in the results )

Here is a test for just ( no trailing slash ) - - that one also redirects to

Ok, so I think it’s may be browser issue, you made your test with IE9 ? Isn’t it ? I’m doing tests with Firefox and Chrome.

Both tests were with Chrome.