Summary report: Median run

I believe the median run is selected based on the Document Complete load time. Is this correct? If so, is there a way to display the median result based on the Fully Loaded time?

Also for the Summary reports of each run, it displays the document complete time in the first column in the left. Could this be changed to display the Fully Loaded time instead? I’m assuming I can change this in the php somewhere.

Thanks in advance!

Correct. There’s no “easy” way to do it through configuration, but yes, easy enough to do if you want to modify the code.

There are a couple of ways to do it. To just change the run selection, has a function called GetMedianRun. You could modify it to use ‘fullyLoaded’ instead of ‘loadTime’. If you want to use fully loaded as the default “loadTime” (including medians and displaying in the table) you can change the loadPageData function in and change the field it uses for loadTime (right now it is using the docComplete field but you can change it to pull from the fullyLoaded column in the data instead).

Thanks Patrick! I’ll check it out.