Test Comparison Link is showing different display names Logged in vs Logged Out

From my understanding, even though my tests were private, the links are still shareable similar to YouTube unlisted videos. This is fine when I share the links logged in or logged out.

However, I am trying to share the comparison link with others. When I am logged in and go to the link, it looks correct. When I am not logged in, the test names are different. I am not sure if anything else is different.

Is this an existing bug? Thanks.

It’s sort of a mix between working as implemented and a bug. Editing the test lables through the UI just stores the edited label for the user that did the editing.

You can specify explicit labels on the URL directly (click the advanced options link and it will show the format).

It would probably make sense to have the code for when you edit a label automatically update the URL as well so sharing works better.