Different results in webpagetest when I'm logged in and not logged in

I’m checking a URL 2 times: first when I’m logged in and the second time when I’m logged out.
The problem is when I logged in I either get many data missing or get no data.
When I’m logged out everything works fine
Does anyone know why it happens?
Are there any limitation on registered users?

examples of tests:

https://www.webpagetest.org/result/170713_E0_EDN/ - logged in
http://www.webpagetest.org/result/170713_3X_EDV/ - logged out


Answerd out of band but in case others stumble across this, the logged-in state doesn’t change anything and only buys you the ability to track your test history across browsers/machines (otherwise it relies on a cookie).

The “successful” logged out test you had actually failed 2/3 tests as well and was just lucky that one of them succeeded.

Not sure what the underlying cause was at this point because it appears to be working every time I test it now.

Thank you for the answer, Patrick.