Test doesn't quit even though no network activity any more

I executed following scripted test. Visually I can see all of steps are executed, but after last step, the test hung up for quite a while and didn’t quit. And in result it says timeout, but in waterfall details result view, there’s no step/figure showing where it times out.

The last step is just simply selecting a different color icon for a product display. I don’t see it will wait for any network data but an image.

logData 0
setEventName firstShoe
navigate http://global.ecco.com/en/collection/ladies/flat-shoes#!data-colors=|grey&id=239013-55294
logData 1
setEventName selectBlack
execAndWait document.querySelector(“img[alt=‘ANGEL’][data-variant-id=‘51052’]”).click();

For the test on public instance for this, first view is always okay, and repeat view has this timeout issue. http://www.webpagetest.org/result/130710_GK_68X/
For the test on my private instance, both first view and repeat view always time out, even though I don’t see what it reallys waits for.

Same issue happens on another script as well. After executing the last step scrolling down the page, the test hung up until timeout which doesn’t look like waiting for network pkg, at least shouldn’t be the case for repeat view where all data are cached and result time are all 0.

logData 0
navigate http://global.ecco.com/en/collection
execAndWait document.querySelector(“div.catalog-menu>ul>li>a[title=‘Ladies’]”).click();
execAndWait document.querySelector(“div.catalog-menu>ul>li>a[title=‘Flat Shoes’]”).click();
logData 1
setEventName scrollDown
execAndWait window.scrollBy(0,10000);

Try updating your private instance test agents: https://sites.google.com/a/webpagetest.org/docs/private-instances#TOC-Updating-Test-Agents

There were fixes in the last month or so for multi-step scripts that don’t do page navigations that are probably why the first view works on the public instance but not the private.

The repeat view is probably not working because there is no network activity at all (image is cached) and WebPagetest doesn’t do particularly well in those cases since it was originally geared towards showing the network activity. I’m not exactly sure what you’d want to see in a repeat view case for something like that.

Thanks Patrick for your help. After updating the agent, for the first view, the test will not hang up any more.

but for the timeout error, it doesn’t look quite like because of no network activity. I run that on IE8 of public instance http://www.webpagetest.org/result/130711_7D_4VR/, the timeout error is displayed even for first view.

And another strange symptom is the test on public intance will give a result that both load time and fully load time have same time value which makes sense as it just loads an image.
however, the test on my instance, the load time is always 0 but fully load time has a value. Any idea what might cause this difference.