Test results down since moving images to subdomain

I have a Self-hosted Wordpress site and moved my images to a subdomain to help everything load faster. Specifically they are now at images.enduringepilepsy.com.

I have adjusted the Media settings to store uploads in /images.

I used my php and .htaccess files to add the redirect as shown here: Host images on subdomain

And everything looks fine. However, now my webpagetest results are down. Especially for the progressive jpegs; which I have compressed each image before uploading. So I’m confused… :huh:

Is this just because of the subdomain? Is there something else I need to adjust in my hosting? Or my Pagespeed service?

I’d appreciate any input that someone could offer. Thanks.


Any chance you have test result links from before and after? It’s a lot easier to provide feedback when we’re all looking at the same thing.

If you didn’t get everything just right and it is doing the redirects on the live blog then it’s going to be excruciatingly painful since it will have to redirect for every image.

No. I don’t keep the old tests. I just compare when I run them and know the results have changed. I’ve done some tweaking since putting up this post (changing which rewriters I have on/off) and its improved some.

I put the subdomain in just as it shows on the link I provided. I have the redirect in through my hosting. I made the adjustments on my php, .htaccess, and creating the subdomain on my DNS. It works fine for getting the images to appear. It just seems that Google takes a few hours to rewrite the PageSpeed. Meantime, my progressive jpeg and CDN grade go to crap.

It doesn’t look like the subdomain rewriting is working correctly and things look pretty broken (at least right now): http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140804_QR_S4Z/

  • All of the site css and js are coming from the main domain (at least they are working, that’s the good news)
  • Any images coming from the images. domain are all failing and returning a 500. It looks like the domain isn’t set up correctly.

Looking at the test results there are a lot of things you can do before considering splitting static resources off to a separate domain:

  • Merge a bunch of the css and js files together. Perferably into 1-2 of each (and bonus points if the js can be at the and of the page instead of in the head)
  • The pinterest widget is insane. It is loading over 40 full-size images at 1.6MB.
  • The facebook and twitter widgets aren’t a lot better though the images are smaller. Can you load all of them after the main content?

I’ve been playing around with this for several days now.

The 500 error you’re getting is probably because I put all of the posts into Private while I’m trying to fix this.

I’ve been trying to determine how to set up the subdomain and still be able to upload new images. Right now I’m having trouble that my database asks if I have permission to write on the server. I can’t add anything new to Wrodpress.

Isn’t the PSS supposed to be merging my CSS and JS? That’s one of the rewriters I have configured.

As for the widgets, how do you make them run later? I’ve tweaked them down as much as I can right now. I’m trying to launch a non-profit and need the social media.

If you are using PSS you don’t need to split things to a sub-domain manually (sorry I missed that when looking). It should do it for you (as well as combining your css and js).

Check your dashboard to make sure the rewriters are enabled and it isn’t in some sort of passthrough mode but otherwise I’d recommend pinging support to have them take a look.