Test Results in IE much slower?

I thought it was a fluke so i ran the test with IE11 multiple times and its always almost 2x slower for TTFB than chrome, canari, or firefox. I’m using the same location for all tests. TTFB for IE11 ranges anywhere from 800ms to a little over 1 second. My TTFB score ends up being a ‘D’. The other browsers i get around 500ms and always get an ‘A’ for TTFB. I wouldn’t think the browser would affect TTFB. Any idea whats going on?

IE11 Test Results:

chrome test results:

Try grabbing a tcpdump/packet capture along with the test to see if IE is doing an OCSP or CRL check in the SSL gap. Chrome and Firefox will generally avoid it if it is not an EV certificate.