Chrome load times vs. IE-11 and Firefox

How can we optimize our web pages to load faster in Chrome? Are there specific coding techniques or Apache config changes required to improve Chrome’s performance? I couldn’t find anything helpful when I searched ‘Chrome performance’. Should I be searching the Forum for a different phrase? Chrome has our slowest WPT load times (except for legacy pre-IE10 browsers).

Here’s just one example:
Chrome: (5.4s)
IE-11: (4.2s)
Firefox: (4.1s)

Chrome has the largest browser penetration with our visitors so we’d like to do all we can to optimize our web pages to have a better customer experience with Google’s browser.

DigitalJeff - “Speed Matters”

Jeff -

Your time to first byte is much higher than it should be on a homepage like that, especially for a site that size. I wouldn’t look too much in the variation between the browsers since it’s mostly effected by that TTFB variability. It would be worth running something like NewRelic on the servers (which I’m not seeing as a tag) to be able to see why’s slowing down the backend. You should be able to pull off a second by improving that TTFB and making the results more stable. Also there are a number of items that aren’t necessarily a security issue that should be caching and are not that could help.