Why, when I test in IE, page loading slow but chrome, FF OK

I have tested my site same page in IE, chrome and Firefox (more than 5 times). When I’m testing in IE, it shows my page loading time 5 - 7 seconds. But in chrome, Firefox I can achieve 2 - 3 seconds. What is the reason for this issue? Is it my site issue? If it’s how do I find the issue?


Links to test results?

Depending on the version of IE, it could be because of how the browsers work or you may be serving completely different content to IE. Hard to say without seeing the test results.

Thanks pmeenan your reply.

This is my tests. I run these tests in the same time (chrome first IE 11 second, because IE11 test shows its “Waiting at the front of the queue”).

With Chrome:- http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140226_4H_PEV/
With IE11:- http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140226_J5_PF2/

Looks like it is a timing issue with whatever you are doing that is dynamic on the page. You can see that the onload event happens with much less content in Chrome but a lot of the requests that happen after onload for Chrome block the load event in IE. My guess is you’re doing it off of a timer and the timer happens to fire earlier in IE and everything you add to the DOM ends up pushing out the load event.

If you really want all of that stuff after onload then do a setTimeout in the onload handler to kick it off which will guarantee it will come after in all browsers.

If you look at the fully loaded resource counts they’re a lot closer.