Tests run in New York have low response time relative to other locations in US region

I ran tests on a website from the locations in the United States. Locations I used are New York, Virginia, Denver Colorado and San Jose. It is seen that the test results(startrender, cocCOmplete and fullyloaded) are constantly seen lowest at New York. Network Type ‘Cable(5 MBPS)’ was chosen for all the tests and it doesn’t seem to be a CDN issue as I ran tests for 2-3 different websites. All are giving similar test results having lowest in New York.

I wanted to know if same network type and similar infrastructure is being used at all locations and is there any way to validate the actual network throttling and bandwidth available at the locations.

If possible, could you check running some tests for a website from the mentioned locations and validate the result.

Performance will vary due to a lot of factors. To begin with, even if all the hardware and network connection is same, performance will vary based on the origin server / data center location.

Even when using a CDN, performance will vary due to the CDN itself being used, the product offered by the CDN and the distance the CDN pop.

Finally, running a few tests will not uncover an issue. To really see a pattern, you’d need to run a few hundred to thousand tests over 2-3 days to get a reliable pattern.

Having said that, I am curious to understand on what exactly is the issue you are trying to solve. Normally, a user is worried about their website’s performance across location. Maybe if you explain the use case, it’d be easier to help.