Too slow, what could i do more?

My site in wordpress is very slow…

can you help me find the problems?

I ran the test again and it looks like it can actually perform a lot worse than even what you measured:

It looks like you might be hosted on Bluehost and from the looks of it, the php performance is abysmal. You should open a support ticket to have them look into it (I would have said it was a wordpress problem but all of the calls to PHP code are performing poorly).

Are you targeting users globally, in the US or in France (since you tested from Paris)? Hosting in the US is really going to hurt your performance if your main user base is in Europe (even once the PHP performance is fixed). At a minimum you should use a CDN but if your are targeting Europe, you should move your hosting closer (and then you might not need a CDN).

Given the horrible hosting performance you are seeing right now, changing hosts anyway might not be a bad idea.

Thanks a lot I’ll try to contact the Bluehost support!