Total Tests: 3, Being Tested: 0

Following this:, I spun up the “us-east-1: ami-fcfd6194” ec2 instance. I gave it appropriate permissions. When I went to its IP in a browser, I got the WebPageTest Private Instance page. I scheduled one test from the UI, and I saw an m3.medium instance get created, but that’s it… tests are not progressing. This is the call made:

"GET /runtest.php? HTTP/1.1" 200 280 "-" "-"

getLocations.php page shows Total Tests: 3, High Priority: 1, and Being Tested: 0.

I did not modify any files other than settings.ini to provide the keys.

What am I missing? I thought I was following the documentation…

Does getTesters.php show the new agent connecting? Any chance the server was spun up in a network that isn’t reachable from the new instance?

getTesters.php shows all agents highlighted in yellow. My instance’s security group allows all inbound traffic, from all sources (just for the sake of checking). I checked ‘user data’ for the WebPagetest Agent that spun up, and the wpt server ip is correct.
I take it all back… my instance’s security group did NOT allow all traffic. Once I fixed that, all tests runs beautifully. Thanks, Patrick. That was my problem.