trailing "...." in links

Has anyone else had problems clicking links where the title, name, innerText all have tailing dots after the text. ex: title=person…

<a class=“curam-content-pane-single-link” title=“Person…”
onclick=“curam.ui.SectionShortcutsPanel.handleClickOnAnchorElement(“Person_search1”,”"); return false;
" href="#">Person…

i would be very grateful for any suggestions how you got round this problem



is this using a script? If so you could just use the execAndWait command instead and have it execute the onClick javascript directly.

thanks Pat, that worked! i had tried various execAndWait commands with no luck.

Here is the full command i used. For anyone else who may wonder how to use it.

execAndWait onclick=curam.ui.SectionShortcutsPanel.handleClickOnAnchorElement(“Person_search1”,"");