TTFB is long when no cache

I have tried to make my site: load faster

The thing is, this TTFB is over 1,5 seconds and sometimes 4 seconds only when I purge caches and wait.:@

If everything is cached, it seems to be very good.

Here’s a first purge cache test:

And the second one (nothing chanced, just redid the test).

I also tested with pingdom and others, same results.

Here’s what I tried so far:
-use cloudflare and MAX CDN (none worked), actually I’m using clouflare as we speak.
-I use w3 total cache with settings I got from a popular article.

Thanks in advance, you’ll save my week!

Well, yes this is exactly what I’d expect. If you have no cached example of the page then not only do you need to generate it, but you’ll have to save a copy in cache. The net effect of that is that first view will be slower than with no cache.

To address the cacheless performance needs you to analyse, properly size and configure your infrastructure. This may require you to upgrade from shared to dedicated hosting so that you have the ability to do this.

I do have shared hosting, but I have installed Vesta myself (running Nginx). What advices do you have in that case what would you have me do? Does changing to dedicated hosting alone change anything? Probably depends on the quality (but I am not able to pay more than $20 a month rn)

well, you can actually control stuff. It does depend on your admin skills, but there are plenty of places around that can offer VPSes for that - a quick check on shows you can get pretty decent grunt for that much.