TTFB ,progressive jpegs and compressing images

Please see the following to perhaps help me explain myself better. Since I am pretty new to all this.

  1. I am using cloudflare so I am not sure if that is the delay in the ttfb or what but items #1 and 2 on the list I dont understand. On item one it says HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently then item 2 is my index.php.

  2. What are progressive jpegs and how do I correct that issue?

  3. How do I do image compression?

Sorry if this sound dumb but as I said, I am new to the server side management of this.

Thanks in advance

Ideally, you should configure your web server (or hosting account) so that it looks for index.php as the default index page. It could also be a rule in a .htaccess file (from vBulletin perhaps) that’s causing the redirect, but in any case it’s completely unnecessary.

Ask your web host for more information, or provide a link to your .htaccess file here and I’ll have a look.

For more information on progressive JPEGs, see:

Webpagetest can actually optimize your images for you, see: