TTFB really long due to HTML?


I almost did every thing to decrease the loading time of my website but I dont understand how come the time to first byte is 2.2s?

according to the chart it’s html ?! what would it means by that?

anyway I really have no clue so if someone could help me figure this out

thank you

The long TTFB is coming from your CMS doing it’s back-end processing (usually database but could be other external back-end calls or server configuration). It looks like you are running on top of prestashop. I’m pretty sure we’ve had at least one other user here with similar issues (I’ll poke around search a bit).

Here’s one thread on it where we saw similar issues:

Never heard back if they had any success with the page caching but it looks like there are solutions to help.

thanks for the reply and well spotted about prestashop…

It seems I can’t really use systeme file cache or memcached cause I am not on a dedicated server…

You should be able to use a system file cache - most shared accounts have permissions to write to the local filesystem. Memcached requires an install and is probably outside of your permissions though.