Need feedback and input on TTFB

I’ve recently launched a website redesign with Drupal 7, PHP 5.13, IIS 7.5 on Windows 2008 Server.

I’m getting good scores on everything except First Byte Time - “F”. I have tweaked everything I can think of over the last month.

I would be greatly appreciative of any feedback. I also would appreciate anyone taking a moment to visit the site ALSEA.Org to tell me if the real world load time is as bad as the report indicates.

Thanks, Greg

FYI I’m having similar struggles with the First Byte Time on Drupal 7, posted about it here

Is it always slow, or just if someone accesses it after a while of inactivity?

Do all pages across the site have similar TTFB issues

How many DB queries are required to build the home page?

What does the database tell you the slow queries are (are you using MySQL or SQLServer?)

Seems to be all the time. I’m using local cache and cdn. Using MySQL and I tried to find out about the queries, but I’m lost (new to Drupal and MySQL).

Out of curiosity, any particular reason you are running PHP on IIS on Windows? How do you have php integrated (if it is running as a cgi it is pretty much guaranteed to suck) -

The database performance is going to be important as well but the absolute fastest PHP configuration I have experiences is using Nginx on Linux and using php-fpm for the integration (and also running the php apc opcode cache).

Try creating a really simple php page that does no database queries and just returns “It Works” or something like that and measure it’s performance. That will tell you how fast the server can serve php vs the application logic itself.

I don’t have any experience with Linux but you pointed me in the right direction! I downloaded wincache, got it working and saw an immediate improvement. Then I disabled a social share module because there was an issue with it and check it out now!

Thanks again!!

oh, very nice!