Improving TTFB

I’m currently working on developing a new website under the subdomain which is in it’s own apache virtualhost.

The site runs on Joomla 3.0 with Mysql 5.6.10 x64, PHP 5.4.13 and Apache 2.4.4 x64(vc11 build) on windows server 2012.

As you can see the TTFB is slowing my website down significantly,
I’ve tried the Joomla filecache which made the site load even slower…

I then tried the php wincache (
Which did improve the TTFB but it’s still not as good as I want it to be.

Does anyone have tips as to improve my TTFB, I’m considering setting up a cache server in front of Apache, but I don’t have any experience with this and couldn’t find any helpful articles for Windows.

Suggestions for improvements to the total loading time are also welcome ofcourse;)

Turn on the MySQL slow query log and look at what queries are taking the time.

Install PAL (, gather metrics while putting some load on the server and then use it to analyse them.

File based caches on windows are significantly slower as compared to linux, same is for mysql on windows. Your TTFB is around 0.5 second which is not bad at all, I think focusing more on front end optimization will improve the experience significantly.

If you see waterfall, there is a big slot where nothing is being downloaded (after req# 22). Removing this can save good 1-1.5 sec.

Fixed it be tweaking my php wincache settings.
Apparently the settings in Joomla are seconds instead of minutes…