Unexpected HTTP Call: content-autofill.googleapis

Good Day,

Yesterday, we started to see the following HTTP call in our webpagetest waterfall:


Any idea what’s causing this? How can we “disable” this call?

I know sometimes the developers at WebPageTest like to activate new features for testing purposes without a major announcement, so could this be the cause?

Google is way too intrusive! Not good, amigos.

Help appreciated.

Thank you!


We ran a few tests with Edge as our test browser and also got an additional HTTP call in our webpagetest waterfall:


We also ran some tests using several foreign URLs and got the same test results.

So… we can safely conclude that the developers at webpagetest are testing something new. Perhaps getting paid to run some marketing tests for both Google and Bing.

Hopefully, they’ll get rid of these intrusive and unnecessary HTTP calls in the near future (and send a check or money order to the guinea pigs :slight_smile: )


I see the same thing. Caused a bit of an alarm in our team seeing these Google calls unexpectedly related to our websites. Hope WPT can fix this ASAP. Not good.

This isn’t something the WebPageTest team is doing (wow, assuming marketing tests is quite a leap).

The autofill URLs are a feature in Chrome with the code here. WebPageTest goes out of its way to disable all of the background activity that Chrome does so you can get a clean read from tests but it’s not uncommon for new ones to sneak through as there’s no “disable all the background requests” flag for Chrome (and the ones that did exist still tend to miss new features).

The Edge URL being different likely comes from different configs for the same Feature.

I’ll have a PR to turn off the autofill feature for the team to review shortly so I wouldn’t expect it to take long to clear up.

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Great Patrick, thanks for the follow-up! Glad it is cleared up a bit, hope the disabling works :-).

Thanks, Patrick! You guys are awesome.

Issue fixed. Thank you, Team WPT!