Updating Agents


I use most recent version of WPT and regularly update it from trunk using SVN client.

When I noticed some issues after upgrading do SVN 1.7 with externals (files update.zip and update.ini in work/update directory) I just downgraded do 1.6 version some time ago.

Since some time ago these two have not been versioned.

Is it possible to return to this very convenient way of ting agent versions to WPT server versions?

AFAIK it is problem with defining files as externals inside another external.

What I suggest is to just put those files in repository under dist\webpagetest\www\work\update path or to set entire update directory as external at for example dist level.

Best regards.

We don’t check the binary files into svn anymore so that is probably what broke it. I cleaned up one externals reference but can’t find the reference you are referring to (any chance you can point out which directory it is on?)

That doesn’t really help you much though since it looks like you want to pull the latest agents from SVN and keep them in sync with the php.