Url blaster reboot interval

What is the purpose of Url blaster’s “Reboot Interval” parameter? I’m not able to have the machine auto-login, so I was thinking of increasing this number to something really high. I’m not sure what effect this will have on the system, though?

Set it to 0 and it won’t auto reboot. Windows performance usually degrades a bit over time and there may have been unexpected processes that get spun up - the reboot is there to give it a chance to reset to a “good” state. Things like disk defragmentation are also only done at boot (defaults to every 30 days I believe).


What unit should be used to configure this value. Is it expressed in seconds, minutes, hours etc?

It used to be in minutes but automatic rebooting has been removed from recent builds (and defrag support has also been stripped out). I’m considering adding it back in but having the agents reboot automatically after sequential errors was causing issues for some private instances and when I removed that I stripped out all of the reboot code.

Maybe it should be made optional in some way? Sometimes it helps, sometimes it is a problem :slight_smile: